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Introduction of Guangzhou

Guangzhou, referred to as "sui", also known as "yangcheng" and "huacheng", is the provincial capital, deputy provincial city, national central city and mega city of Guangdong province.

Guangzhou is located in the subtropical coast, with the Tropic of cancer passing through the south central part. It belongs to marine subtropical monsoon climate, characterized by warm and rainy weather, sufficient light and heat, long summer and short frost period. The annual average temperature is 20-22 degrees Celsius, which is one of the largest cities in China with the lowest annual average temperature difference. Also Guangzhou is one of the top ten cities of gastronomy in China, which has a reputation of "eating in Guangzhou" among the people. 

Special Scenic Spots Introduction

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

It is one of the many memorial halls in China. In order to commemorate the great pioneer in the revolutionary history, Mr. Sun Yat Sen, the founder of the Chinese Nationalist Party and the Republic of China. The whole building complex was built in 1929, covering an area of 62000 square meters. The plaque in the hall is engraved with Sun Yat-sen's autograph: "the world is for the people", which is also the guidance and goal of his revolutionary career.

Canton Tower

Guangzhou tower, also known as Guangzhou new TV Tower, nicknamed small pretty waist, is one of the "eight new sceneries of Yangcheng". The main body of the tower is 454 meters high, the antenna mast is 146 meters high, and the total height is 600 meters. It is a member of China national 4A tourist attraction and World Tower alliance.

Chimelong wildlife park

Chimelong wildlife park has five regions: Australian forest, American jungle, Central Asia desert, South Asia rainforest and European highland. It has more than 500 varieties and 20000 rare animals, including 14 giant pandas, 57 koalas and nearly 250 white tigers. Walk or drive around the park to see more than 20000 rare animals running freely around you. You can easily cross five continents and see the world's rare animals!